5. Unashamed in our World

Matthew 28:16-20

Today is the finale of our Unashamed of the Gospel series. I hope you have been challenged to be unashamed in sharing the Gospel with your family, your neighbors, in the workplace, and in our church. But there is one more challenge I'd like to present to you. Let's Be Unashamed of sharing the gospel in our world. What does that mean for us? To get a better of understanding of this we'll look at Matthew 28:16-20. Some call this The Great Commission. It's a command for all believers to share the gospel and make disciples of all the nations. It's our mission!

Today, Vision Launch Sunday 2015, we'll learn what it means to make disciples of all nations and how God wants us to do this. In doing so, what does that look like for me, for you, and for our church? Let's learn together from Matthew 28. 

-Pastor Terry