Pastor Terry

2. When Trials Come - Part 2

Facing Suffering from the Inside, Looking Out: The Suffering Believer

Romans 8:26-39

Maybe you're here today and you're angry at God. Things haven't gone the way you wanted, planned, or thought. You may even be asking, "Why did God allow this to happen to me, or to my family and friends?" In today's text Paul is speaking to the believers at the church in Rome. As their pastor, he is...

1. When Trials Come

Understanding Suffering from the Outside Looking In: The Suffering Church

Revelation 2:8-11

Trials and suffering are a part of life. Too often our focus is on the actual difficulty that we're going through instead of learning to respond to that difficulty in a way that honors God. Today we're beginning a series on suffering called "When Trials Come". In this three part series we'll look at: The Suffering Church, The Suffering Believer, and The...