4. Our Response: Repentance & Belief

Mark 1:14-15

Today, we will conclude our series “What is the Gospel?" We've learned that we are in a hopeless situation. Every one of us is a sinner. We have rebelled against God and deserve His wrath. God is righteous and He cannot ignore or tolerate our sin. Therefore, our sin and unrighteousness, must be punished. But God has made a way for us. He has provided a solution. God the righteous has dealt with our unrighteousness through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ the Savior. Last week, we saw the benefits of Christ's reconciliatory work on our behalf for our sins. 

Now what do we do with this information? What does God expect from us? Mark 1:14-15 tells us exactly how He wants us to respond. In order for God to count us as righteous through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross we must respond in heartfelt Repentance and Belief. Let's look at the scripture today and see what it means to respond to Christ in Repentance and Belief.

-Pastor Terry