3. Jesus Christ the Savior

Romans 5:1-11

In this series, “What is the Gospel?", we have come to learn that we are in trouble, buried in “our sins” and are in need of a “Savior”. Because of our sin and our unrighteousness, God, who is righteous, must punish sin according to what all of humanity deserves. So what is the solution to our problem? God the righteous has dealt with our unrighteousness through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Scripture declares in Matthew 1:21 that “He (Jesus) will save his people from their sins”. In our text, we will see the benefits of the reconciliatory work of Jesus Christ on our behalf for our sins. Join us today as we study what Christ has done for us and rejoice in all the benefits that He has provided for us. 

-Pastor Terry

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