Pastor Terry

55. Be Bold & Shameless

Luke 11:5-13

A couple of weeks ago we read of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was upset that she was doing all of the work around the house while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus. Martha thought it just wasn't fair that she was overwhelmed and busy while Mary did nothing to help. We know that Mary made the right choice by stopping to spend time with Jesus. But many of us often feel like...

53. First Things First

Luke 10:38-42

Our text this morning speaks of what is “pressing or urgent” and what is “actually important”. We all strive to do the things that are important to us, but we’re often distracted by things that are “pressing or urgent”– things that have to be done right now that aren’t necessarily a part of the central values of our life as a Christ follower.

So, how do we strike a...

45. The Life of a Disciple

Luke 9:23-27

Back in the 70's we saw an explosion of "self-help" books hit the bookstores, many of them topping the New York Times best seller list. The teaching of building up ones self-esteem spread like wildfire, even within our own churches. You can turn on a radio station almost any time of day and listen to someone teach you how to love and accept yourself unconditionally.  I am good.  I can do anything.  I deserve this or that.  We literally have fallen in love with ourselves...

30. How To Love Those Who Persecute You

Luke 6:27-36

Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We remember those who have have died because they followed after Christ. We remember those who have lost loved ones and we remember those who are suffering persecution all because they are Christians. When we hear about Christians being shot, raped, tortured and beheaded how do we respond? What...