Pastor Nate

52. Questions, Answers, and the Meaning of Life

Luke 10:25-37

Today as we remember the tragic events that happened 15 years ago, we get to look at a passage that is a great reminder of the many heroic events that happened that day. Our lives were changed that day as the events unfolded. We all felt the sting of those heinous acts that were committed in an attempt to strike fear in our hearts.

But today we...

51. The Return of the 72

Luke 10:17-24

Last week in our text we saw Jesus commission as Heinstructed His heralds to pave the way for Him as he heads to Jerusalem. We were challenged to pray for the lost, memorize a promise from God word, and seek out someone close to you to share the gospel with. I hope that you have started to make these three things habits in your life this week.

In this week's text...

50. Jesus Instructs His Heralds

Luke 10:1-16

As we continue our study in Luke we find Jesus giving instruction to and sending out those who would go before Him to declare the message that “the kingdom of God has come near.” We see that some will accept this message and some will reject, but those who were sent out were told to pray, persevere, proclaim, and prioritize no matter what happens to them or how they are received...

25. Why Jesus Came

Luke 5:27-32

Remember with me, for just a moment, when we studied Luke 4.  There we saw Jesus reading from the scroll in the synagogue which prophesied the mission of the Messiah: to "proclaim good news to the proclaim liberty to the captives...and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” Jesus has been doing these things wherever He traveled. He has bestowed grace upon a...