49. Does Following Christ Have Conditions?

Luke 9:57-62

As we continue with our study in Luke we are fresh on the heels of hearing the disciples being confronted on their pride. Now we are going to see Jesus interact with some who would say they want to be His followers, but they seem to have second thoughts when they hear what they will have to give up.

As we see this event happen in the life of Christ we are wise to stop and ask ourselves, "Do I believe that following Christ can have conditions that I set?" In today’s text we will see that some are only willing to follow Christ under their terms. In this text we not only get to see the conflict that these “disciples” have with following Christ, but we also get to see the love of Christ as He sees and speaks to the condition of their hearts. I hope you are encouraged to examine your life and ask the question, “Am I ready to follow Christ at any cost?”

-Pastor Nate