42. The Commission

Luke 9:1-9

As we return to our study of the Gospel of Luke today, I want us to be reminded of something.  Luke wrote this book to assure his readers of the certainty of the things which they have been taught and to realize that the rejection of Jesus by the Jews, as well as the acceptance of the Gentiles into the Kingdom of God, was all a part of God's plan.

We'll see in today's text, Luke 9:1-9, that the disciples are being commissioned to proclaim the Kingdom of God, to preach the Gospel. This text is actually about two kingdoms:  The Kingdom of God (light) and the kingdom of Satan (darkness).  We can only be a citizen of one of the kingdoms and Jesus is sending His disciples out to proclaim this message.  Choosing the Kingdom of God means utter reliance on Him and obeying His commandments.  Choosing the kingdom of Satan leads to death.  Let's look together at this passage today.

-Pastor Terry