39. Who Then Is This?

Luke 8:22-25

Perhaps you have noticed that in Dr. Luke's gospel he often groups together what seems to be very different stories. But each story serves a purpose with a point or truth that he wants to emphasize to us. Earlier in this gospel we focused on the miracles that Christ performed. These revealed to the multitudes that Christ is the Savior.  

In today's text we'll look at another miracle performed by Jesus. This is directed primarily to the disciples. Luke recorded this miracle and others to teach the disciples how to live the life God had called them to in a fallen world. These lessons can be applied to us today. How did Jesus respond when faced with trials and tribulations? How should we respond?  The disciples witnessed the power and authority of Jesus and asked, "Who then is this?"  Let's look at that question today as we prepare to study God's word.

-Pastor Terry