34. Jesus, the Messiah

Luke 7:1-17

As we return to our study in the Gospel of Luke, we are reminded that Luke is a physician and a travel companion of the apostle Paul. He’s a scholar who gives attention to detail who has searched out diligently, and traced accurately, every possible detail to give us a precise account of the life and events of Jesus.  

It is here in Luke 7 that he has recorded for us two stories that are designed to help us to make much of Jesus. Throughout Luke's gospel, and the other gospels, the writers are driving home the point that Jesus is the promised Messiah that Israel has been looking for and he is more fully developing their admiration for Jesus. He’s doing that by showing us God's compassion, God's power, and God’s plan all incarnated perfectly in Jesus. 

Let’s look together today at our text in Luke 7.1-17

-Pastor Terry