33. The Closing Remarks

Luke 6:39-49

In Luke 6, Jesus spent several verses teaching the disciples what it means to be a Christ follower.  He is teaching them what it looks like to be a true believer, one who loves God, and loves others. Since verse 20 Jesus’ “Sermon on the Plain" has been teaching them about Christian character, how to live, and how to treat others.  In other words, being a follower of Jesus Christ is a life-style.  It's not something we put on and take off like a coat whenever it suits us.  Following Jesus takes a heart that is committed to obeying the Lord's commands and having a desire to serve others and please Him.

In today's passage Jesus is giving His "closing remarks" on what it means to be a Christ-follower.  In verses 39-49 we see some parables and imagery that Jesus used to help the disciples, and to help us, understand and see what this kind of life-style looks like. Jesus wants to make sure we get the point of this teaching. Let's look together at our text:  Luke 6:39-49.

-Pastor Terry