31. The Opposite of a Life Well Lived

Luke 6:24-26

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Nate preached a message from the Gospel of Luke about "A Life Well Lived". He spoke how Jesus taught on the upside down nature of kingdom living. In other words, although there is a great cost in following Jesus there are also great blessings in following Him. The blessings are greater than the cost. Being a true disciple of Christ is a life well lived.

Our study today looks at the opposite of a life well lived; a self-centered life. In fact, Jesus pronounces "woes" to those whose lives are focused on things other than Christ Himself. Although there may be pleasure for a brief time in living for self, the cost of pursuing after worldly things is great. Luke addresses that cost in our text today. Let's look together at four “Woes" and ask God to show us if there needs to be any changes made in our own lives.

-Pastor Terry