30. How To Love Those Who Persecute You

Luke 6:27-36

Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We remember those who have have died because they followed after Christ. We remember those who have lost loved ones and we remember those who are suffering persecution all because they are Christians. When we hear about Christians being shot, raped, tortured and beheaded how do we respond? What kind of attitude is in our heart toward those who persecute our brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you think, as I have been guilty of doing, "They should be put to death for what they have done!"? Or, do you think "Let's get revenge and let’s retaliate". When we see and hear what is happening in our world today it makes us angry, hurt, and even distraught.  To see true believers in Christ Jesus being persecuted and attacked all because they are "Christ followers" is overwhelming to our hearts. It's happening all around us. Not only on the other side of the world but even here in the United States. Our hearts can begin to hate those who are persecuting Christians. In today's text Jesus tells us we are to love our enemies. He teaches us how He wants us to respond to those who are persecuting us. Let's look together at Luke 6:27-36.

-Pastor Terry