24. Jesus Forgives and Heals

Luke 5:17-26

Our study in the book of Luke today takes us to a home where Jesus is preaching and teaching. There is a man brought to Jesus who was paralyzed. In Jewish culture, paralysis was viewed as the judgment of God due to serious sin. This man was an outcast in the eyes of men. But he had some friends who wanted to help and they had to get very creative if they were going to bring their friend to Jesus. They wanted their friend to be healed.

Jesus saw their faith and said..."your sins are forgiven you." The man was brought to Jesus for healing but received forgiveness first. JESUS gave forgiveness...without the temple, without the priests, without their sacrificial system, and without the religious rituals. Only Jesus has the power to forgive. Let's look together at our text in Luke 5:17-26.

-Pastor Terry