11. The Presentation of Jesus

Luke 2:21-38

In our study of the Gospel of Luke, Dr. Luke is continuing to present evidence before Theophilus “that you (Theophilus) may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught”. And this is for us, too. In today's text we will learn about the presentation of Jesus at the Temple and we will see clearly who Jesus is. This text shows us that He is the fulfiller of the Mosaic Law, He was circumcised, and He lived in poverty and humility on our behalf according to Scripture. 

Luke confirms to us who Jesus is by the testimony of two witnesses, Simeon and Anna. Luke’s gospel testifies that Jesus Christ was born the Son of God; that He was Israel’s long awaited Messiah; He was conceived in a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit; that He is God incarnate, the Redeemer, who will save His people from their sins. The question for you to answer is this:  Who do you believe this Jesus to be?

-Pastor Terry