1. Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

Luke 1:1-4

Being Unashamed of the Gospel means believing in the Gospel.  You and I weren’t around when the Scriptures were written, but by faith we believe the Bible to be the true, inspired Word of God.  Luke, the one who wrote the gospel of Luke, never met Jesus Christ personally, he did not have an eyewitness account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, but later in life he did, by faith, become a follower of Christ.  His desire was for others, particularly his friend, Theophilus, to know and believe in the life and ministry of Jesus.  Our study in the book of Luke will take us on a journey from the birth of Jesus, His teachings, His miracles, His suffering, His journeys, His death, burial, resurrection, and His ascension to heaven.  Luke, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has written a detailed account of the life of Jesus Christ.  He talked with people who were there with Jesus and he studied what others wrote and taught about the Savior. 

Let’s look together at Luke 1:1-4 to get an introduction into the study of this great Gospel.

-Pastor Terry