4. God's Plan for a Savior

Isaiah 53:10-12

Today is the last message of our series on the Advent. When we began our series we said you cannot start in the middle, with Jesus in the manger, and fully comprehend the depth of this event. We had to go back to the beginning in Genesis 6: The Need of a Savior. We followed that by looking in Isaiah 59: God’s Promise of a Savior, and then heard the Announcement of a Savior in Luke 2. Our Savior’s birth was a great gift from God.  But we must understand that this gift of God is embedded in the grief of God’s heart which is connected to the grief in our hearts.  

But God had a plan. The birth of the Savior was a wonderful announcement but it brought with it a pronouncement of God’s Plan for the Savior—His death.  In our text today, we will see the grief that God put on Christ. Yet it pleased Him. Even in His death we can rejoice because the Savior came. Let’s look together at Isaiah 53. 

-Pastor Terry

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