Resurrection Sunday: Our Hope

Luke 24:13-35

Have you ever expected to receive a gift…only to be disappointed? The gift that you received wasn’t at all what you were expecting.  We all have expectations. The problem occurs when that person does not fulfill our expectations. It usually occurs because there was a lack of communication or a lack of understanding of what exactly that person was committing themselves to do.

Well, that’s where Cleopas and his companion find themselves. Cleopas communicates his disappointment when he says, “We had hoped that he (Jesus) was the one to redeem Israel.” To say that they were disappointed is an understatement. I want you to see exactly what Jesus did. He took them to the Scriptures. It was there that they saw the supremacy of Christ in all situations and the sufficiency of the Scriptures to meet any and all their needs. They walked away with a new expectation. The resurrected Christ is our only hope!

-Pastor Terry