Living Life by the Power of the Gospel

Ephesians 4:31-32

Has your life ever been hard? Have you ever dealt with troubled people? Life in a broken world presents many difficulties which often include relational and situational problems. Many times people make unwise and sinful choices which potentially hurts, hinders, or inconveniences you or others. When you are hurt, hindered, or inconvenienced by someone else’s sin or folly, how do you respond? Are you easily angered, frustrated, put off, or otherwise irritated? When you see others who are making poor personal and life choices, how do you respond?

The gospel provides a better way to respond to life’s difficulties. In Christ we can now demonstrate compassion, show kindness, offer support, and forgive. Individually and as part of the body of Christ, God can use you to make a difference in your home, neighborhood, and the lives of those who hurt in your community.

-Dr. Kevin Carson