4. For the Nations

Acts 13:44-52

In our series "Pray First: A Call to Pray", we have addressed prayer as the most important exercise in the life of a Christian. It is our hope that you are encouraged to have a prayer life marked by consistency and passion.  We are to be passionate about praying daily, regularly, and consistently; praying for racial reconciliation and the sanctity of life.  Today, we want to address the topic "Pray First: for the Nations".

Our text is found in Acts 13.  Here we can see the gospel-driven church at Antioch, a Spirit led church that sent out Saul and Barnabas on a mission to take the gospel to the Gentiles. We too have a mission: to take the Gospel to every creature, to be a light and a gospel witness, to the nations of the world. How do we do this?  Let's look together in Acts 13:44-52.

-Pastor Terry