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Who Is Jesus? Series - Christ Our Atonement

Christ Our Atonement 

Genesis 3 

Our series “Who is Jesus?” leads us to the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1 we see the wonderful work of God in His creation and in Genesis 2 we see God’s special favor towards man emphasized. But in Genesis 3, we come to the saddest moment in human history, when sin entered the world. This is something that the Word of God takes with absolute seriousness. There is nothing insignificant and there's nothing frivolous in this passage. Every word that is spoken here is to be taken seriously. We can also see in Genesis 3 that we need an atonement.

An understanding of this passage is absolutely necessary to the understanding of the Gospel because without an understanding of sin and of our responsibility we cannot understand grace and the need for atonement. Only when you and I understand our responsibility to God and the fact that we are estranged from God and that God is estranged from us because of our sin, does the gospel make sense. We have a need for Someone to pay for our sin... for Someone to make atonement for us. So, here are some questions for us to consider: What are the marks of sin? What is the cause of atonement? Why is atonement necessary? What are the results of the atonement? 

Later Event: April 18
Good Friday Service