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The Birth and Early Years of Jesus - Who is Jesus? Series: 4


The Birth and Early Years of Jesus

Luke 2:1-52

As a church we should count it an honor and privilege to know “Who Jesus is.” It is an honor to share His love with our community and our world. However we cannot expect an unbeliever to accept our testimony concerning “Who Jesus is” when we cannot describe to them His deity, His character or the work of His salvation. So, we are continuing to speak on “Who is Jesus?” to help each and every one of you to be able to communicate with others “Who Jesus is!” so that they might know the love of Christ.

There’s just no way that you or I can attempt to share the love of Jesus Christ without knowing the person and the work of Jesus Christ. Let me ask you: When you and I are deeply in love with Jesus Christ and He’s the focal point of YOUR life… What do you think about when you think about Jesus? Is it about His birth, His childhood, His teaching, His character, His miracles, His power, His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, His kindness? Do you meditate on the fact that He is God, He’s Sovereign, He’s the Savior, He’s the Redeemer, He’s the Lord of Lords and King of Kings? What is it about Jesus that excites you? What is it about Jesus that occupies your thoughts when you’re not thinking about other things?

We’re going to look at Luke chapter 2 and see how even in the birth and early years of Jesus Christ we’ll see His sovereignty, His providence, His power, and His humility.

-Pastor Terry

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