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Series: Favorite Texts #2 - Arise and Go

Jonah 4

Jonah is an example of how we often commit our life to God but end up spending much of our life running away from the God that we promised to serve. Maybe you have already discovered this strange contradiction that lies at the heart of all our Christian experience. While loving Christ, you find yourself turning from Christ. While trusting Christ, you often battle fear and anxiety. While serving Christ, you sometimes struggle with disappointment about certain events in your life. You are not alone!

We can learn many things from studying the life of Jonah. He teaches us that even in our own weakness we must confess our failures to God. He teaches us that our God is a God of unlimited grace and patience. We also learn from Jonah that our God is a God of love and is relentless in His pursuit of lost people. We might even learn that we are not so very different from Jonah. Let's look at the book of Jonah today. -Pastor Terry

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