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Series: A Call to Prayer #2 - A Call to Devoting Yourself to Prayer

Colossians 4:2-4

As believers in Christ it should be our desire to do the will of God. There may be times when His will is not clear to us, but it has been said that "90% of God's will for our lives is already revealed to us in the Bible." It is God's will that we love Him, obey Him, repent of our sin, bring Him glory, love others, and so much more. It is also God's will that we pray. Prayer is our focus today. I'm not talking about the kind of prayer we pray when we sit down at the table before dinner. It is God's will that we pray earnestly, steadfastly, intently, and with thanksgiving. 

In our text today Paul is telling us that we are to devote ourselves to prayer. Doing so invites the blessing of God's power and grace in our lives and it also invites God's power and grace in the life of our church. Paul also tells us to pray for those who proclaim God's word that they might proclaim it fully and make it clear to those who don't know Him. Let's look at Colossians chapter 4 and see what Paul has for us today.

-Pastor Terry