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Making the Connections Biblically

Making the Connections Biblically

Acts 2 & 4

You may be asking yourself why do the pastors preach what they preach? Is there a purpose... A why? God in His Sovereign Grace not only has a vision for his creation, a purpose and a plan but also a place to go…Heaven. The vision and purpose of God’s creation is to worship and glorify Him.  The greatest command that God gave was, “You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.” We can see in the book of Acts that the life of the early church was consumed with Jesus. The distinguishing mark of the early church was their boldness and should characterize our church today. How do we live with this kind of clarity and boldness about Jesus? How do we live bold?

Today I want you to Make the Connections Biblically of the “why”. The vision and purpose for our existence as a true believer and as a part of CrossBridge is to understand: Why should I know who Jesus is? Why  should I contend for the faith? and Why should I be concerned about others? It all boils down to this… Do I have a deep love and passion for God? Will I live boldly for Christ?

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