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Defending the Truth

Jude 3-4 

Jude lived during a time when Christianity was under severe 
political attack from Rome much like today. There were 
aggressive spiritual attacks that came from Gnostic-like 
apostates. They professed to be Christians but claimed to 
have additional knowledge superior to what the Apostles 
taught. This knowledge included the denial that Jesus Christ 
was God. Other attacks came from the Libertines, who 
rejected the Scriptures and lived as freethinkers, one without 
moral principles or a sense of responsibility in sexual matters. 
These apostates had infiltrated the church with false doctrine.

Jude is the only book in the Bible that is totally dedicated to 
confronting this “apostasy” that denies the true biblical faith. 
Jude wrote to condemn these apostates and urged the 
believers to contend for the faith. He vividly describes the 
apostates in terms of their character and immoral activities.

Today,  see Jude's exhortation that  you must 
care about the truth. Then look at Jude's appeal that we 
would be aware of the continuing threat against the truth 
that comes…not only from the outside, but from within the 
Church. Lets open God’s Word to begin our study!