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Dealing, Identifying, and the Destiny of the Ungodly

Jude 3-4

Last week, we began our study with an introduction of Jude's main contention and concern in Jude 3 – 4. Then we saw that Jude emphasized that truth matters and what a Christian believes matters immensely. Jude is greatly concerned over the fact that the false teaching was leading some astray in the church. He wanted these Christians to hold fast to the truth ofGod’s Word. He wanted them to have a sound theology basedupon the teaching of Jesus, based upon the teaching of theapostles and based upon biblical truth. The point Jude ismaking is that Truth and Doctrine matter. In verse 5 through 16, Jude is describing to us the main characteristics of the false teachers who are troubling this local congregation that he is writing to. Today, I want you to see the fact that apostates are teaching a grace that does not lead to a changed life and that they are belittling Jesus, our Master and Lord. This tells us how incredibly timely this letter is for us today. Lets open God’s Word to begin our study.

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