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Sermon Series: A Call to Prayer #3 - A Call to Prayer Even When God is Silent

Daniel 6

The silence of God was deafening. Where was God?Why, just a few months earlier you were so happy. Lifewas good and the family was doing great. You had aheart of gratitude and praise for God. Now you find yourself going through a crisis. Hard timesare here and you feel a sense of desperation. It's as if allyour e#orts are in vain. You prayed but what did youfind? A closed door and nothing but silence.Have you ever experienced the silence of God? Youcried out to Him and there seemed to be no answer.Why does it sometimes seem as though God is presentin our time of prosperity but so very absent in ourtime of trouble? Daniel found himself in a very di$cult situation and he,too, experienced the silence of God. When God is silentdoes that mean He is not at work in our lives? What doyou do when God seems silent? Let's look at the life ofDaniel today and see what God would have us learn from the Scriptures. - Pastor Terry