7. Bear One Another

Colossians 3:12-14 

As we continue in the One Another series today, we get to look at the topic of what it means to "bear with one another.” When I think of this term to “bear with” someone I oftentimes do not have the biblical point of view in mind. And although there are times that I wish that I could be like Elijah in 2 Kings 2:24, when he called down bears from the forest to deal with people he was having problems with, I don't think that is what this passage has in mind.

Oftentimes as Christians we are taught that this idea of bearing with someone is similar to the phrase "grin and bear it.” This expresses the idea that there is someone or something that we have to deal with that we don't like, so we put on a fake smile and just deal with it. But this passage today calls us to a higher standard when we are dealing with people God has brought into our lives. Let’s look into God's word to see where we are being challenged to change. 

-Pastor Nate