5. Free to Serve One Another

Galatians 5:13-15 

There’s a television show called Motive.
show we are told who the victim is and who the killer is. They spend the next hour figuring out the
“motive” for the murder and, as they say in police work, “it always goes to motive”. That’s the way it really is with God and in life, too. We witness believers showing acts of kindness, giving sacrificially to the poor, to the ministry of Christ, and serving the needy and less fortunate. We are also able to see those who benefit from the true believer’s kindness. What we don't know is the “motive” for serving others. It’s the “why”. Why do they do acts of kindness, give generously, and serve those in need?

In our text today we are commanded by God to serve one another in love. Let’s learn from this passage what our “motive" should be in serving others. 

-Pastor Terry