MANNA Worldwide

MANNA was founded and continues to serve children because they have each experienced the love of Jesus Christ and desire to bring that same peace to the entire world.  MANNA Worldwide is a Christian organization that focuses on caring for impoverished children around the world. They are strategically fighting the GLOBAL GIANTS of DISEASE, POVERTY, ILLITERACY, and SPIRITUAL EMPTINESS.

Can we do something bigger than ourselves? Does it matter that we were born?

How can one life change another?

These are the questions that the MANNA team wrestles with on a daily basis. We believe that life is something to be cherished and that each child should have the opportunities that we had growing up. The amount of poverty that is seen by our team each day is staggering. We see children that only receive a cup of rice milk each day to live on. We see ten-year-old boys and girls as sole care takers for many younger siblings. We see babies left in the gutter beside bus stops. But … we see faces full of life. We see children who want to be doctors. We see average people stretching their budgets to provide opportunities for children they have never met, and we see hope for tomorrow.

We are passionate about making a difference in the world around us. It is not enough to simply wish the world were a better place; it is time that people stand up and shout against injustice. It is time to love those who are unloved. It is time to end the cycles of ignorance, poverty, shame, hate, and despair.

Today is a new day…

Today is the day we stand to make a difference

CrossBridge Church partners with MANNA Worldwide by

  • Supporting MANNA missionaries
  • Sponsoring and joining yearly missions trips
  • Contributing to the Nutrition Centers and Orphanages fund, especially in La Gomera, Guatemala.