4. The Majesty of God Revealed in the Supremacy of Christ

Hebrews 1:3-4

As we conclude our Advent series about the Majesty of God, I want us to see the supremacy of Christ as it’s revealed in the majesty of God. Our text today stresses the supremacy and the sufficiency of Christ and His word.  The answer to each and every one of you who are struggling to find fulfillment in Christianity is to point you right back to Jesus. The author of Hebrews is impressing upon us that there is no higher answer to a deep relationship and fellowship with God than Jesus.  You can’t do better than Jesus. There’s no place for a higher experience beyond Jesus.

Therefore, it's my desire that you will be at a loss for words as we look at the hidden depths and insights within this passage. It’s my prayer that the teaching of God’s Word will encourage you, strengthen you and challenge you to be unashamed of the gospel this week.

-Pastor Terry