1. A Warning to Us

Jude 1-4 

Last week we finished up our series together on “Who is Jesus” where we learned about who Jesus is from birth, to the Cross, to the empty tomb. That leads us into the study of the book of Jude for the next 6 weeks and here’s why. As believers in Jesus Christ it is important that we take heed to the words of Jude as it is a warning to all believers to stand firm and contend for the faith. God is warning His children about the "ungodly who have crept in”. God provides instructions to his children on how to prevent the ungodly (false teachers) from infiltrating the church by contending for the faith. We are given a picture of what will happen to our families and our churches if we fail to contend for the faith-- “God’s word will be twisted by False teachers”. So, let us open our Bibles to the book of Jude and see all that God is telling us. 

-Pastor Mike