2. Relationships

Selected Passages

In last week’s sermon we investigated Genesis 3 to see the original distraction that took our devotion away from God. The sin of loving something, namely ourselves, more than God caused an inseparable divide in our relationship with Him. Thank God that He sent Jesus to die in our place as payment for our sin. Jesus made a way for us to have relationship with God again, but the effects of sin permeated all aspects of life.

One of the ways that we see the effect of sin in our lives is through our relationships. God had designed us to live in perfect relationship with Him and each other. But our sin broke that relationship and caused effects that still haunt us today. In our sermon, we hope to explore God’s purpose for our relationships and what we can do to restore those relationships when they are broken. I pray that we are encouraged to see our relationships in a new light and have hope that no relationship is past repair.

-Pastor Nate