1. The Original Distraction

Genesis 3

Do you find yourselves being easily distracted? It may be a busy schedule, the kids’ sporting events, important appointments, school activities, and so on. We make commitments but our overwhelming distractions can lead us away from those commitments. What is our main focus? As believers in Jesus Christ our focus should be on Him, being Christ-like, being a Christ-follower, and being totally devoted to our Lord. Would you agree with me that life's distractions often interrupt our focus on having a relationship with God?

Today, we'll be looking at Genesis 3 and see the original distraction that lead Adam and Eve away from God. It was a simple but layered approach that led them to disobey God. This choice that had catastrophic consequences for them and for all mankind. They took their eyes off of God and misplaced their devotion. The result? Let's look together at today's text.

-Pastor Terry