5. Our Mission is Missions

Acts 17:1-6

For our church, George and Luisa Dimakos continue to make missions real to our people. Our church family loves the Dimakos family. Our people know that when they give to missions they are supporting not only the Dimakos family but the other missionary families CrossBridge supports.

George and Luisa have been missionaries in Greece since 1993. George started a church...

2. Relationships

Selected Passages

In last week’s sermon we investigated Genesis 3 to see the original distraction that took our devotion away from God. The sin of loving something, namely ourselves, more than God caused an inseparable divide in our relationship with Him. Thank God that He sent Jesus to die in our place as payment for our sin. Jesus made a way for us to have relationship with God again, but the effects of sin permeated all aspects of life.

One of the...

1. The Original Distraction

Genesis 3

Do you find yourselves being easily distracted? It may be a busy schedule, the kids’ sporting events, important appointments, school activities, and so on. We make commitments but our overwhelming distractions can lead us away from those commitments. What is our main focus? As believers in Jesus Christ our focus should be on Him, being Christ-like, being...