3. Biblical Prosperity

2 Corinthians 9:6-11

We learned last week about biblical generosity. The Macedonians set the example of biblical generosity by giving in the midst of their poverty. They gave of themselves to Christ even while they were under severe oppression. Paul showed us the example of Jesus Christ who left the glories of heaven and all the riches of heaven, and "became poor for our sakes that we might become rich.” He did all this for the purpose of glorifying God the Father.

In our text today Paul is speaking to the Christians in Corinth who are aware of the need in Jerusalem. The believers in Corinth are better off financially than those who lived in Macedonia and Jerusalem. As Paul speaks to the Corinthian believers he talks to them about giving to those in need, being generous, and giving with a God- honoring motivation. As Americans, we are better off financially than so many others around the world. We are blessed. But what do we do with what God has blessed us with? Paul is speaking to us as well. Are we willing to give to those in need, will we be generous, and do we give with a God-honoring motivation?

-Pastor Terry