3. Mission Impossible: International Missions & Why You Should Care

One of my favorite T.V. shows was “Mission Impossible.” It was about a man who was given a mission and instructions on how to carry out that mission. The man had the choice to receive and do the mission or to not carry it out.

Well guess what? God has given us a mission as well: “To go and make disciples of all nations” ( Matt. 28:19 ). And just like the T.V. show, God will not force us to accept or go on his chosen mission. If we do not accept He will use someone who is willing. What a waste that would be on our part not to accept.

I was so blessed to go on my first ever missions trip to Greece. It truly changed my heart. God has given me more of a desire to share the gospel with those around me. God has spoken to me, not audibly, but in my heart. He said, “Jose, you want to go to China, Russia, and other parts of the world but how many Chinese or Russians have you ministered God’s Word to here at home?”

I believe before we can ever think about going on a missions trip to a foreign country we need to ask God to give us a heart for souls here in our own backyards. Our homes and surrounding areas are our biggest mission fields. There are people in our inner-cities and suburbs who need to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I would plead with you brothers and sisters to go on a missions trip! But first ask God to give you a heart for souls here at home. It is not a “Mission Impossible” but God’s possible mission as "All things are possible for those who believe” (Mark 9:23). Will you be obedient to God and accept His mission?

Written by Jose Bermudez
Mission Posts Editor: Betsy Abraham